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Help your body enter a state of calm

Sometimes we all need help responding to stress better.

21% of US adults experienced a mental health condition in 2020 — sometimes we all need help responding to stress better.

Are you over-stressed?

If stress becomes persistent, it takes a serious toll on your health.

What Is Stress?
Any physical, chemical or emotional factor that causes tension in your body or mind creates “stress.”
Withdrawing from other people, angry outbursts, racing thoughts, difficulty making decisions and more.
Managing Stress
While it’s hard to eliminate stress, you can moderate your response to it.

The science of stress

De-stressing can help you cope by supporting balance from the inside — but sometimes we all need help to do so.

Key Factor in Health

One of the biggest underlying factors for a lot of our disease processes is stress and how we deal with that stress.

Foods to Calm You
  • Salmon is full of vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Chamomile tea fights inflammation, increases relaxation
  • Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids that have a neuroprotective effect, can lower anxiety
  • Fermented foods and yogurts; Probiotics help your gut bacteria produce mood-boosting neurotransmitters
  • Green tea contains L-Theanine and ECGC, ingredients that promote calm and reduce anxiety

Important at Any Age

I see so many patients that come to my office. They've retired and now they've been waiting for this moment to live their life. They have worked their tail off for a lifetime, only to find themselves in the states of disease.

Looking for calm and focus?

Moderate your everyday stress response with proven phytochemicals.

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The scientifically-tested supplement to help relieve stress.

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I am continually blown away with how far I have come with my anxiety while taking Calm daily.

It is not sedating, but offers a noticeable effect on the discomfort I feel at times with anxiety.

It helps you regain control over anxiety. It does not have any sedative effects.

It releases tension from a stressful day and relaxes muscles.

91% Reported Improvement Within 10 Days.

An observational study significant improvements.

An observational study of MDcalm + hemp revealed significant improvements. To further validate the effect, a clinical study is underway.

Our observational study