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At MDbio, the greatest result we can hope for is you to enjoy the benefits of good health and confidence in our products.

Why Are We “The Doctors’ Brand™”?

Our products originate with our Board-Certified Medical Doctors, whose lifelong mission throughout their careers has been to maximize positive patient outcomes and minimize harm. We rely on the doctors who founded MDbio, and they in turn rely on the latest in modern medical science (including plant-based medicines derived from “non-Western” sources) to inform all of our products.

Uniquely Synergistic Formulations

All our products are carefully formulated to maximize benefits though the synergistic effects of selected ingredients. Our botanical ingredients engage the body’s own endocannabinoid system to allow maximum uptake of phytocannabinoids, making the formula more effective overall.

Quality, High-Potency Ingredients

We source our ingredients strictly from reputable farms and suppliers. All our botanicals are grown by experienced cultivators and are free of heavy metals and pesticides. We use the highest possible, safe concentrations of ingredients to ensure that each formula provides optimal therapeutic value. All raw ingredients are laboratory tested before going into production.

Patient-Tested Innovation

Our products, processes and practices will always be informed by up-to-date feedback from our patients and customers. Our product lineup has undergone extensive product research trials with patients experiencing various ailments, and their feedback informs each new iteration of our offerings in an ongoing cycle of R&D and reformulation. This entirely
Patient Data-Driven approach to continuous product improvement is unique within the industry.