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50 million Americans “live with chronic pain.” But should you?

We are in a pain crisis — 50 million Americans “live with it.” But should you?

There are two types of pain

Understanding pain and how to minimize it is a crucial step toward finding relief.

Acute Pain
Acute pain is the body’s alarm signal, traveling fast from the injury up the spinal cord and into the brain. Acute pain alerts you to a problem happening right now.
Chronic Pain
Ongoing pain can stem from a traumatic event or an underlying health condition triggering painful sensations. When pain lingers for 12 weeks or more, it’s considered chronic.

The science of pain

Managing pain can reduce stress and help return life to balance.

Imbalance in the Body

The body can correct a lot of these issues, but sometimes they go unnoticed and we start medicine, start giving people pharmaceutical drugs, which they necessarily don't need.

Pain and Stress

Stress and pain are often interconnected. For instance, worrying can literally give you a headache. Sitting too long at the computer can cause muscles to tense up, leading to shoulder and neck pain. Ongoing pain or a slow recovery from injury can ramp up your stress level. As stress and pain become intertwined, chronic pain and stress can become part of your life. By alleviating pain, you also reduce a source of stress.

Addressing the Root Cause

We are finding that there is so much body of evidence that patients are being helped with these compounds, that it's one of the parts of medicine that we lacked for all these years.

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Clinical study in progress Clinical study in progress


The scientifically-tested supplement to help relieve pain.

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It has been a number of days and no return of the pain.

After a knee surgery, I'd been taking ibuprofen and naproxen but had concerns about longterm use.

I've tried CBD oils, etc. but had no luck until I tried the relief capsules. With one in the AM and one evening, I gained wonderful relief.

These supplements have helped me tremendously. And make me walk again. Thanks!

85% Reported Improvement Within 10 Days.

An observational study revealed significant improvements.

An observational study of MDrelief + hemp Blend revealed significant improvements. To further validate the effect, a clinical study is underway.

Our observational study