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A Healthy Sleep Cycle

  • You normally fall asleep in 15-20 minutes
  • Sleep lasts for 7-9 hours
  • Sleep is continuous (not start and stop)
  • You wake up once for less than 5 minutes
  • You awaken feeling refreshed
  • You feel alert throughout the day

It’s easy to lose sleep. But good sleep is critical to your health. Sleep revitalizes your entire life, from the health of your body and brain to your social/emotional well-being and capacity for joy.

  • Allows the body to repair and restore itself naturally
  • Strengthens your immune system and supports defense against illness
  • Keeps your nervous system functioning normally
  • Maintains emotional balance, improves ability to cope with stress
  • Cleanses your brain of toxins that build up over the day
  • Helps maintain body weight, reduces hunger response
  • Supports your ability to function socially with other people
  • Creates balance that improves mood, supports a joyful life
  • Too much light in the room, not dark enough
  • Artificial light sources inhibit the body’s natural production of melatonin in evening
  • Blue light, EMF emitters (computer screens, phones, TV, games) “fool” your brain into thinking it’s daytime, keeping you awake
  • Stresses of all kinds raise blood cortisol (keeps your body and mind from relaxing)
  • Shift work, up late working, jet lag can all disrupt natural sleep patterns
  • Lifestyle and diet: alcohol, caffeine, energy drinks, eating a large meal late at night, indigestion
  • Low-carb diet (in evening, low-carb reduces serotonin, can prevent sleepiness)
  • Make sleep a priority
  • Give yourself an 8-hour window for rest
  • Regulate your system, go to bed and wake up at the same time
  • Turn off screens/use night mode to avoid blue light
  • Make bedroom electronics-free
  • Reset your natural circadian rhythm: Go outside for 15 min in a.m. (blue lightwaves) and at dusk (red lightwaves)
  • Use blackout shades to make the room dark, or wear a sleep mask
  • Lower the temperature of the room you sleep in
  • Avoid emotional texts, emails and conversations at nighttime
  • Reduce ambient noise or use a white sound machine
  • Get exercise daily to encourage nighttime drowsiness, sounder sleep
  • Take a natural sleep supplement as needed


Feel tired during the day

Nervous system on overdrive

Healing and recovery are slowed

Immune system is challenged

Feel hungry often, have difficulty losing weight

Emotions feel out of balance

Social interactions are diminished


A good rest supports your body, mind, spirit and life. MDsleep™ contains a full-spectrum hemp extract with GABA and botanical extracts that work synergistically to help you get a good night’s sleep.


Pillars of Health & Balance

Staying healthy means keeping different parts of your life in balance. It’s not always easy. Building on the basic pillars of health can help you live a better, more fulfilling life of wellness, energy and joy.











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