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If you suffer from sleeplessness, anxiety, aches and pains, we invite you to join a comprehensive product study that trials the latest in plant-based medicines

How Our Trials Work

Enroll in one of our Trials

We have ongoing trials that target Sleeplessness, Anxiousness or Aches and Pains

Sign Documentation (if approved)

This includes consent and waivers sent seamlessly through easy-to-fill-out digital forms

MDbio™ Trial Kit Sent

We process your application within 48 hours and send 10 days of product directly to your door

Begin 10 Day Trial

Scan a QR code in the MDbio™ Trial Kit to take your baseline health survey and get started that day.

Track Your Health Journey

Answer very short surveys about your health every 2 days sent conveniently by text.

Complete Trial

When you have finished your trial, complete the final health questionnaire to complete your journey

Meet Virtually with a Healthcare Professional

We provide a complimentary 30 minute consultation with a trained healthcare professional who can help analyze your 10 day journey and beyond!


A decentralized observational trial refers to a study that is not conducted at a site specific location and all collected data is self-observed by the participants. In short, it is an at-home trial where participants respond with their own analysis of their health conditions.

The active trial lasts up to 10 days, but that does not include the onboarding and product shipping times. Some participants may end sooner than 10 days if they consume more than 2 softgels per day. A trial that ends sooner than 10 days is still considered a successful trial.

Yes! This is a voluntary study and participants can quit at any time.

The trial management staff are trained employees and/or contractors of MDbio, The Doctors’ Brand llc. All trial protocols are reviewed and approved by the four founding board-certified physicians of MDbio.

Yes! All raw ingredients are certified GRAS as well as adhering to all FDA food and drug purity regulations, specifically USP<561>. This includes products being tested for potency, heavy metal toxins and pesticides.

MDbio, The Doctors’ Brand is a plant-based medicine company founded by four award winning physicians in multiple disciplines. For more information on the company, the founders and the product please visit

The data collected is HIPPA compliant and securely handled and stored. We use the anonymous data to better understand the effectiveness of the trial product and the corresponding demographic information. We do not sell our data or use it for any other purpose than to better our customer’s health outcomes.