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Do you have weak defenses?

Take care of your body’s vital defense network.

Autoimmune disorders now affect about one in ten individuals. Take care of your body’s vital defense network.

How is your immune system, really?

Immunity is a complex system that relies on a dynamic balance between many different parts of the body.

Lymph Nodes
Filter substances that travel through the lymphatic fluid, and contain white blood cells to fight infection.
Thymus Gland
Involved in developing and selecting T cells which in turn direct adaptive immunity.
Contains white blood cells that fight invading germs in the blood, filters and removes damaged blood cells.
While you can live without it, it keeps our immune system healthy.
Bone Marrow
Produces red and white blood cells, and also lymphocytes.
Defending Your Body
Dangerous invaders are recognized and attacked without overreacting to normal cells or everyday allergens.

The science of immunity

With today’s environmental and societal issues, it’s even more important to support your immune system and defend your health.

Why More Immune Issues Today?

We have a lot of chemicals and preservatives in our foods that honestly, we don't really know what the long-term effects are. And we take a look at our mind body balance, and for many of us, the balance is off.

Do Less of These
  • Sugar intake
  • Exposure to environmental toxins
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Eating processed “junk” food
  • Tobacco, nicotine, vaping
  • Screen exposure before bedtime

Restoring the Foundation

The body is a really complex system, but the body was designed to heal itself. And unfortunately, for a lot of the chronic conditions that we deal with, we don't treat the foundation, but treat the symptom.

Want to boost your defenses?

Protect yourself from everyday immune system challenges.


The natural supplement to protect yourself from everyday challenges.

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Strengthen your body’s natural defense

Without overreacting to normal cells or everyday allergens.

Without overreacting to normal cells or everyday allergens.

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