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Co-marketing policy


Social media collaboration:

We encourage our wholesale buyers to announce our partnership on their social media channels. To facilitate this collaboration, we are open to providing co-branded content, graphics, and other promotional materials. By sharing the news of our partnership, we aim to amplify our collective reach and engage with a broader audience.

Ad hoc marketing endeavors:

In addition to social media collaboration, we are excited to explore ad hoc marketing opportunities with our wholesale accounts. This may include podcast spots, where we can discuss the benefits of our products and highlight the expertise of the clinicians associated with our wholesale partners. We are also open to featuring our partners in webinars, providing a platform for them to share insights, experiences, and showcase their product offerings.

Product highlight support:

We are committed to working closely with our wholesale accounts to help highlight their product offerings. This includes creating promotional materials, blog content, or other marketing collateral that showcases the partnership and emphasizes the range of products available through our wholesale buyers.

Customized marketing support:

Recognizing the unique needs of each wholesale partner, we are open to customizing our marketing support. Whether it's creating tailored social media campaigns, developing co-branded materials, or exploring other creative marketing initiatives, we are dedicated to finding solutions that align with the goals of our partners.

Communication and collaboration:

Open communication is key to the success of our co-marketing efforts. We encourage our wholesale partners to share their marketing objectives, and we commit to working collaboratively to achieve common goals. Regular check-ins and feedback sessions will help us refine our strategies and ensure a successful partnership.


By aligning our marketing efforts, we aim to create a synergistic relationship that benefits both parties. If you have specific ideas or requests for co-marketing initiatives, please reach out to our dedicated marketing team, who will be happy to discuss and implement strategies tailored to your needs.