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Kiarash Michel, MD | FOUNDER

The essence of life is to find balance, and to experience your own joys.

Dr. Kia Michel is an accomplished Urological Oncological Surgeon with expertise in robotic surgery and minimally invasive therapeutic . modalities for the treatment of urological cancers. Dr. Michel is sought out internationally for his medical expertise. He founded the prestigious Comprehensive Urology Medical Group, located at Cedars Sinai Medical Tower in Los Angeles.

Dr. Michel has an illustrious academic path. He received his undergraduate degree from Whitman College, where he was a Presidential Scholar for four years. He graduated with honors from the University of Washington School of Medicine, and was recognized by the AOA Society for his academic achievements. Dr. Michel completed his residency at UCLA where he was a Pfizer Scholar. During a urological oncology fellowship at UCLA, his clinical and research efforts were recognized by the American Cancer Institute, the National Institute for Health (NIH), and the American Foundation for Urological Diseases.

After starting his medical practice in Los Angeles, Dr. Michel helped co found several medically related businesses including La Peer Surgery Center, Path MD and Advanced Radiation Center of Beverly Hills.

Dr. Michel finds joy in nature, in a sense of inner calm, and in seeing a smile on the face of those he loves.