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Lost in the Supplement Maze?

Ever found yourself wandering down the supplement aisle, feeling utterly baffled and overwhelmed by the endless rows of bottles, each promising to be the magic bullet for your health? You're not alone. We've been there too, and it's exactly what sparked our journey back in 2013. As physicians, we've seen firsthand the confusion and frustration our patients face when trying to navigate the world of therapeutic supplements.

The Unsettling Truth Behind Supplements

Did you know that a staggering number of supplement companies make bold claims without the science to back them up? We were astounded to discover that over 95% of these companies haven't conducted significant clinical research. That's like trying to bake a cake without a recipe – it just doesn't work! Even products that claimed to be scientifically backed missed the mark when we peeled back the onion. For example, trials might not have included enough participants or had been done offshore with people who didn't match the customers the study was designed to measure.

And we've all seen those "Doctor Developed" labels, right? They're everywhere! But let's be transparent – not all 'doctors' are created equal. While we deeply respect all professionals with doctorate degrees, there's a world of difference between a researcher and a clinician. It's like comparing apples and oranges – both nutritious, but distinctly different. To top it off, we couldn't find a single "Doctor Developed" brand that we'd feel confident recommending to our own patients.

Additionally, many of our world-renowned colleagues at UCLA Medical Center wouldn’t risk their reputation, or the health of their patients, in the current supplement market. This led us to believe that the nutraceutical market (plant-based medicines) was in dire need of products addressing common ailments, but developed using the same pharmaceutical rigor that we have become accustomed to in Western medicine.

A New Dawn in Plant-Based Medicine

That's why we rolled up our sleeves and set out on a mission. In 2019, we embarked on the next phase of our adventure: creating MDbio - The Doctors Brand™. Our goal? To develop plant-based medicines that are not only effective but have the same large-scale clinical trial data that’s required to become a physician-recommended brand.  You know… the real deal

A New Dawn in Plant-Based Medicine

We understood that to create effective products that help target the most common conditions, in addition to our own clinical expertise, we’d need to gather experts from diverse fields like plant medicine research, biochemistry, phytochemicals, and human physiology. Additionally, it requires bringing on a team that can source raw ingredients that pass the highest standards of testing requirements. With this impressive team, we’re dedicated to tackling some of life's most common health challenges. We're focused on the big four that touch just about everyone's life at some point: sleeplessness, pain, anxiety, and immune system challenges

Now, let's get real for a moment. Dealing with any of these issues can feel like carrying a heavy backpack on a long hike. It weighs you down, right? Our goal is to lighten that load, helping you to feel more like yourself again. Imagine a life where a good night's sleep is the norm, not a luxury; where pain doesn't keep you from doing what you love; where stress is a dragon you've already slayed; and where your immune system stands guard like a loyal friend. That's the life we're aiming to help you achieve.

The MDbio research and development team, equipped with extensive knowledge of plant therapies and clinical disease processes, is committed to rigorously testing our indication-based formulas. These formulas are developed with meticulous care and are thoroughly evaluated for any potential negative drug interactions. This step is crucial to ensure the safety of our products and to minimize any possible side effects.

Behind the Scenes: Crafting Our Hero Formulas

Our testing process is comprehensive and involves recruiting a broad subset of the general patient population. This approach allows us to assess the effectiveness of our formulas across various demographic and health variables. To manage and streamline this process, we have established an in-house Clinical Research Organization (CRO). The CRO plays a vital role in facilitating a fast and effective, iterative process for refining product formulations.

We also employ HIPPA-compliant software in our testing procedures. This technology enables our research and development team to efficiently study multiple product variations, ensuring we confirm both the efficacy and safety of our products. Even after we develop a successful “hero” formula, our commitment to improvement continues. We engage in ongoing Observational Studies to further refine our products, gaining deeper insights into optimal medicine applications and more accurate dosing protocols.

From Lab to Life: Testing Our Formulas in the Real World

After our team achieves statistical significance in the observational trials, we take an exciting step forward: introducing our products to a broader audience. This phase is all about real-world application and gathering valuable insights. We collect information on how the products are used and the experiences of those using them. Consumer feedback is a goldmine for us, providing a wealth of data we meticulously analyze.

 Testing Our Formulas in the Real World

This process is not just a formality – it's a crucial part of our journey. By understanding how our products perform in diverse, everyday settings, we can make informed decisions on how to refine them further. Our goal is to ensure that the final product we bring to the market isn't just effective in a clinical sense, but also resonates with and fulfills the needs of our customers. We're committed to offering a pharmaceutical alternative that doesn't just meet expectations but exceeds them, both in terms of efficacy and user experience.

The journey to create a standout product at MDbio culminates in a step that truly distinguishes us from other nutraceutical companies. After we've honed a formulation to the point where it's both effective and safe – our 'hero' formulation – we embark on a critical phase: partnering with an external Clinical Research Organization (CRO) to conduct double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials. This is the pinnacle of scientific validation for our products' efficacy.

In collaboration with our CRO partner, we conduct remarkable studies in both their scale and depth. For instance, our MDsleep study brought together 620 participants for a comprehensive 6-week trial. The results? Well, they're quite eye-opening (check them out here). But we didn't stop there. Our MDrelief study doubled the ante with over 1,200 participants, and MDcalm went even further, enrolling over 1,600 individuals. All participants are based in the U.S., ensuring that our findings are relevant to our primary audience.

The volume of data we gather from such extensive studies provides robust, undeniable proof of our product's safety and effectiveness. Reflecting on our original goal set in 2013, it's clear that MDbio - The Doctors Brand™ is not just meeting but exceeding our mission. We're creating products that aren't only clinically effective but also earn the trust and reliance of both patients and healthcare practitioners. It's a commitment we made from the start, and we're proud to see it come to fruition.

Pioneering the Future of Natural Healthcare

As we stand today, it's clear that for MDbio, this exciting adventure is just getting started. The landscape of natural medications is not just growing – it's thriving, and the wellness movement has opened the doors to a new era of informed and discerning people who are advocating for their health. Gone are the days when flashy packaging and lofty claims were enough to have us pulling out our credit cards. Now, it's all about truth and substance – the solid, reliable data behind each product.

At MDbio, we're not just riding this wave of change – we're at the forefront, steering the ship. We see a future where trust is built not on words, but on the unwavering quality and proven effectiveness of products.  With MDbio, the future of healthcare isn't just bright – it's groundbreaking. Join us as we transform the landscape of wellness and health, one trusted (and clinically proven) product at a time.