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For over two decades, my esteemed colleagues and I at MDbio - The Doctors Brand™have passionately embraced the Hippocratic oath, making it our guiding light: providing only beneficial treatments, avoiding harm, and exemplifying the best in our professional lives. Our commitment to patient well-being and professional servitude remains strong. Yet, the ever-changing medical landscape continues to present new challenges and evolutions.

Remember the likes of Xanax for anxiety or Ambien for sleep? Sure, they might be able to 'play Mozart' with a single piano key, but why settle for a one-note symphony when you could be composing a full-on concerto? The human body is truly a marvel - designed to thrive when it's fed a well-rounded diet of beneficial phytochemicals. With the right nutrition, it can be resilient and adaptive, even combating disease in ways we're still uncovering. Since the mid-20th century, the trend has been shifting towards therapies that have more of a holistic approach. That's when we started realizing that the body was capable of so much more than a single-note fix.


The puzzling post-op phenomenon

My UCLA office has been the backdrop to a series of intriguing medical mysteries. Elderly patients, whose physical prowess might not be at its peak, would surprisingly exhibit a swift and robust recovery post-surgery. On the other end of the spectrum, younger, ostensibly healthier individuals, undergoing identical procedures, found their recovery paths laden with hurdles. As this pattern became harder to dismiss, myself, in collaboration with my esteemed colleagues Drs. Kia Michel, Siamak Tabib, and Kamran Jamshidinia, delved into the heart of this puzzle.

The twist in the tale? It was 2013 and California had given medical cannabinoid therapy the green light for therapeutic purposes, but recreational use was still in a legal gray area. This landscape meant patients, possibly reaping the rewards of plant-based therapies, had to keep their regimens on the DL. But as the world welcomed wellness with open arms, the dots started connecting and these natural therapies, which had been largely ignored by Western medical education, began to play a major part in some miraculous recoveries.


Digging deep into green science

By 2016, our passion for knowledge had us pouring over medical journals, attending international expert discussions, and insightful conferences. A eureka moment soon dawned on us: plant-based therapies weren't merely an alternate path – they were a necessary crossroad that could enhance Western medical practices. While certain supplements, like Magnesium L-Threonate, were documented for their positive effects, a broader spectrum of plant-based products lacked comprehensive scrutiny. We unanimously declared, "Show us the data!"

In our journey to offer patients trustworthy, doctor-endorsed brands, we identified a noticeable gap. When we didn't find what we sought, we asked ourselves, "Why not be the pioneers?” Thus was born MDbio - The Doctors Brand™, a harmonious blend of ancient plant-based wisdom and modern clinical rigor. Over four years, we meticulously crafted, trialed, and honed products we'd wholeheartedly recommend. We transcended traditional lab research and personal patient consultations, pioneering large-scale clinical trials to corroborate our initial optimistic findings. Our mission was lucid: address common American issues like sleeplessness, pain, and anxiety through natural means.


Nature's encore: back to our roots

This decade-long journey hasn't been devoid of challenges or investments, whether it be in terms of time, effort, or resources. We've dedicated the past four years to formulating products we can personally prescribe with confidence. Myriad lab test hours and patient observational trials have been dedicated to perfecting safe and effective solutions.

Currently, we're conducting pioneering large-scale clinical trials on these plant-based medicines to validate our initial observations. Instead of only influencing the lives of the patients we see weekly in our clinics or operating rooms, we're aiming to address widespread American challenges: sleeplessness, pain, and anxiety. By adhering to pharmaceutical standards, MDbio - The Doctors Brand™ has introduced a range of natural solutions proven to effectively target common ailments.

As the results from clinical trials emerged, it was clear that the marriage of ancient plant wisdom and modern science was a match made in heaven. We may live in a technologically advanced world, but sometimes to make progress, we have to look to the wisdom of the past and appreciate the beauty of nature. Our roots may be in the natural world, but that doesn't mean we can't reap the rewards of modern science.


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Dr. Babak Larian, MD, FACS
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